Ferry to Bardsey photo by Gareth Jenkins

Project Examples

Here are some project examples that have been supported by the Fund...

Dic Aberdaron MemorialDic Aberdaron Memorial:  This project raises awareness of an important character in the area's culture. Dic Aberdaron is famous to this day in Wales and beyond, and the story of his travels with his cat and books, learning different languages. He was raised in Cae'r Eos, Aberdaron, and Aberdaron Community Council were keen to raise a new memorial near where his home use to be, to replace the existing one that had been damaged. This project has contributed to keeping the area's culture alive and also has improved a small area of the AONB at the same time.

Improvements to Sarn ChurchImprovements to Sarn Church:  The remains of Saint Peter's Church stands near the country lane between Sarn Mellteyrn and Cefnamwlch. It's an interesting and historical place, and a standing stone from the Neolithic Age can be seen in the cemetery. Friends of the Church developed a project to improve the cemetery, by re-building a boundary wall, cutting trees that were in a dangerous condition - and also to place a board upon the Church wall to display its history. The project gained the Fund's support since it guarded and raised awareness of an important historical feature and also improved the environment by improving the site and making it safer and more accessible for people to visit.

Celebrating 100 Years of Rhiw Sheepdog TrialsCelebrating 100 Years of Y Rhiw Sheepdog Trials: The committee of Rhiw Sheepdog Trials were keen to celebrate its centennary in 2011 and to draw more attention than usual to the event. The committee were successful in their application for support from the Fund, to publish leaflets and posters to advertise - and also to buy special awards for young people who took part. This project was successful, as it raised awareness about and important tradition in Llŷn, and that it also gave local young people the opportunity to learn a new skill.

Celebrating Gŵyl Ifan at LlithfaenCelebrating Gŵyl Ifan at Llithfaen: This project was funded in 2012. The residents of Llithfaen have been reviving an old custom that has declined in other parts of Wales over the last few centuries. Gŵyl Ifan is a traditional celebration of Midsummer and every year, this event brings the whole community together to enjoy various activities. Sporting and cultural activities are held to promote heritage and social wellbeing, and local produce stalls are present to promote the environment and healthy food choices. It's a fun day for the whole family and a great example of a project that benefits an area within the AONB.

Ffynnon BeunoImprovements to Beuno's Well: This Well in Clynnog Fawr has been a popular attraction for centuries. Clynnog was an important centre for the pilgrims on their way to Bardsey. According to tradition, people of ill health were immersed in its waters, and then laid overnight on Beuno's grave in the Church. The Well is still a popular attraction today, being a stone's throw away from the Wales Coastal Path on the northern side of the Peninsula. During 2012, Clynnog Community Council developed a project to improve the wall surrounding the Well and to clear overgrowth around the entrance. Why not visit? It's truly a gem, and plays a very important part in the area's history.

Cwmni Drama Bro EnlliCwmni Drama Bro Enlli: This project was funded over a period of three years between 2008 and 2010. Cwmni Drama Bro Enlli consisted of many residents from Llŷn and the aim was to hold musicals with links to local history. The Fund contributed towards creating a script and songs, hiring venues to practice, hiring costumes, creating marketing material and publishing a CD. This is a project that promoted local heritage and raised awareness of important historical events. The hall at Botwnnog School was full at each performance with an opportunity for the whole community to enjoy.

Tudweiliog Show ExpansionTudweiliog Show Expansion: Tudweiliog Show is an important event in the area which has been thriving for many years. Each year, many people attend to enjoy and socialize. A fantastic exhibition can be seen of livestock, local produce, plants, arts and crafts. The Show's committee wished to expand in 2012 and the Fund gave support to hire a marquee to locate more local produce stalls and showcase children's competition. The project has been a massive success and has boosted the environment and local economy. Displaying the local produce shows people that it is unnecessary to travel long distances to make your purchase, since there is plenty to find on your doorstep. We hope that the project will also encourage local people to venture into business. We look forward to see how things will develop further.

Llithfaen Community ShopDeveloping a Community Shop at Llithfaen: The Shop located at the heart of Llithfaen has been going from strength to strength for many years. Thanks to the hard work of local volunteers, the Shop is open on a daily basis and offers a service for the whole community. It's an important center with residents of all ages calling by to socialize and where learners practice their Welsh. There is a noticeboard outside informing everyone of social and cultural events. Local produce is sold here also and this boosts the environment as well as helping to avoid costs and unnecessary travelling. The Fund's contribution has enabled the Shop to develop in its early days. Remember to call in for your groceries - or for a chat!