Sunset over Bardsey - photo by Gareth Jenkins

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Summer 2019

Photography Competition

We are holding a photography competition again this year! Read more here.

Invasive Species Week - 13th - 17th May

Around 2,000 plants and animals have been introduced to Britain with help from humans. The majority of these non-native species are harmless - but around 10-15% ar invasive and have a negative effect on our environment, the economy, our health and even our way of life.

Did you know that invasive species costs Britain's economy at least £1.8 billion a year? They can create serious damage and have lead to a decline in some native species. They are also a threat to many sensitive areas such as rivers, lakes and streams.

We are all affected by non-native invasive species in some way - and every one of us has a role to play to try and prevent them from spreading.

To learn more and to record, please see this website -

Visit Llŷn

A BRAND NEW LEAFLET! This is an useful resource - it contains a map of the area and the timetable of the Llŷn Coastal Bus service for 2019.

Download here..

Llygad Llŷn

Our latest newsletter (Llygad Llŷn) - can be viewed here..

Copies also available at many local attractions.

We would be very grateful of any feedback about our newsletter and welcome any opportunity to share ideas and co-operate on projects in the future. Do get in touch!